The valley of Bumthang is justifiably Bhutan’s most sacred district with several religious structures located in the district. From the 7th century Jamphel Lhakhang to the latest, Karchu Dratshang, the magnanimity of the district in terms of religious connotations is unquestionable.

Thus, several Buddhist masters have made Bumthang their homes. This makes the valley a perfect place to conduct religious as well as secular rituals, one of which is marriage – considered very profound and pure by all cultures.

Jakar View has everything required to arrange  a marriages you will relish forever. All you need to do is inform us that you need to tie the knot. Beginning from finding an auspicious day to arranging rituals, receptions and entertainment will all be our duty.

Not everyone gets to marry in a place blessed by saints and great masters. You could be one. Marry in Bumthang.